Katalan Şirketlerin Rekabetini Arttırma Ajansı'nda (ACC10) düzenlenen Türkiye Semineri'nde gerçekleştirilen konuşma

Emir Salim Yüksel 17.04.2013
Sr. Tarradellas,
Distinguished members of ACC1O,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Bon dia y Buenos dias,

Let me begin by expressing my thanks and appreciation to ACC1O for this meeting and selecting Turkey as the focus country for 2013.

I am in Barcelona as the Consul-General of Turkey for only three months and it is a privilege and a great opportunity to be in this beautiful city and to address the distinguished members of ACC1O together with Catalan and Turkish businessmen.

This meeting is very timely in terms of its focus country given the current economic circumstances around the globe and Europe.

It is also very timely because Catalonia and Catalan businessmen play a major role in the economic relations between Turkey and Spain.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The global economic system in general and the European economic mechanisms in particular have been passing through a tough stress test over the last five years.

In my introduction, I will not lecture on the economic developments or provide you with economic figures which are very well known facts for everybody in this hall.
However, I will try to make a few remarks which might bring about a good basis of discussion after hearing the presentations of the distinguished experts.

Over the last ten years, Turkey has unleashed its huge economic potential thanks to the structural reforms which have been executed persistently, without giving any concessions during the election periods.

Political and economic stability with a sound banking sector are the main pillars of the Turkish economic growth.

Based on these factors Turkey has reached an average GDP growth of 5, 15 % between 2002 and 2012. As a sign of increasing confidence in the fundamentals of the Turkish economy, the amount of total foreign direct investment surpassed 110 billion USD in the same period.

Today, Turkey is Europe’s 6th largest economy, and according to the OECD, will be second only to Germany by 2050.

Turkey’s unique geographical location with its cultural and historical roots at an intersection point of Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, Caucasus and Africa almost dictate its pivotal role.

From this appropriate spring board that Turkey provides you with, the enterprises and companies have the best means at their disposal to reach other regions and markets.

It is not a surprise that Turkey emerges in this specific location as an economic power house with 17,000 US Dollars per capita with PPP (Purchasing power parity) by the end of 2012.

Despite this growth partly during the times of global economic crises, we believe that there is much more room for development and common welfare for Turkey and its trading partners.

Thanks to its economic stability and geographical location coupled with its 75 million population, of which almost half of it are under 30 years old, Turkey provides the necessary conditions for foreign direct investments and all other commercial activities.

Just to name a few advantages of Turkey, one can say that:

- Young and qualified labour force of Turkey constitutes a strong incentive for investments in Turkey.

- The transportation infrastructure has been developed with better highways and new speed railways which give easy access to every corner of the country.

- It is worth mentioning the name of Istanbul as an aviation hub and the Turkish Airlines as the operator with its best flight connections to the Central Asia, the Far East and Africa.

Distinguished members of the ACC1O,

Turkey is an open market economy with a trade volume of almost 400 billion US dollar by the end 2012.

At a time when our major trade markets were suffering from the global economic crisis, we were able to diversify our trade by finding new partners.

We believe that we can lessen volatility among our neighbors by creating a higher degree of economic interdependency. This is precisely what we have done in promoting the regional trade by various policy measures.

As a result, our neighbors’ share in total trade volume increased 6 times in the last ten years, comprising 32% of our total. Last year for instance, our trade with the countries in the wider Middle East region was on par with our trade with Europe.

Its own internal market is naturally open to new goods and ideas with its relatively young and dynamic population when you compare it to Europe.

I know that stability and long term planning are two main factors which shape the business world and Turkey provides these two basic tenets to the businessmen.

In this sense, we believe that Turkey is a good destination to think strategically with long term planning not only for exportation but also for investments with production capacity.

Without further ado, I would like to leave the floor to the experts which will provide you with detailed information.

I would like to wish you a fruitful conference.


Pazartesi - Cuma

09:00 - 17:00

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